Celebrating 1 year of Entrepreneurship

After 13 years of experience with 6 companies, quit my job last year on 15.10.15!

Started the6.in on Nov 24th 2009, fear of loosing made me to wait for almost 6 years! Thought of writing my journey so as to let know how the experience is!
What have I accomplished?
*the6.in got featured across India in Outlook magazine, Economic times, Your story!
*The6.in got featured in most of the Newspaper & Magazines in Chennai!
*With no office, to a shared office & now to our own office setup!
*Got so many calls & inbox messages wishing how creative the ideas are & how inspiring we are! Even though we know we are not worth it, many feel that we have inspired them in some way!
Personally was happy though 😛


the6.in-Surprise Planners

*Surpriseforacause initiative was well received & we could help few kids affected by cancer to forget their pains for few moment! The emotional moment everytime will be cherished upon & will make difference for a longer run!

What didn’t work :-
* Still Appa was not happy in what am doing! He didn’t even come to office when everyone came to office 🙁
* Singapore plan / establishment / investment / mentoring was complete flop – Nothing worked / Lost time & momentum!
* Met 2 investors in India & it didn’t worked out at that moment!

What was the worst moment :-
* One day when my daughter was having high fever, when had to take her to hospital in the midnight, even though with Insurance felt low as all I had was Rs.1500 in my account!
* Had to ask sorry to one of the customer as we argued over settlement of cash towards the order & in turn it turned out to a heated argument! Just to come out of it had to ask sorry even though it was not my problem!

Was my earning more than what I earned in a job?
NO! But I had paid salary to my team & to freelancers of more than 10 lakhs!
Could manage my expense thru cashflow & tried few techniques which are working fine

What I lost?
* Many of my colleagues whom I was associated with for almost 7 years didn’t even inquired how I was doing, not even a phone call!
* Lost the bond with many of the friends as there was a gap!
* The time that I could spend with my family!

Did I lost my confidence in this 1 year, Yes! But bounced back!
Did I felt that I should be in a job? Yes a couple of times
Did I lose my passion? Hell NO!
Did I lose my self esteem? Never!!!
AM I happy? AM NOT!!!
Am I Satisfied? AM more than SATISFIED ! Had goose bump moments, had hugs, had phone calls wishing us! Had seen customers crying out of happiness & we being the reason!

The one soul who was handling me, my anger, my pressure was my wife ! If she was not, I am not what I am today!

Well am an #entrepreneur & I love what am doing
With luv,

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating 1 year of Entrepreneurship

  1. I really admire and appreciate your courage and passion towards what you are doing. Making someone smile is the toughest thing on this planet and I amazed to know that you are doing for a living. I am inspired and wish to be a part of this revolution (if needed). Kindly contact me for any help. I reside in Bangalore

  2. Your sacrifice for your passion is just amazing. You are really an inspiration for me, am the one who is really stuck with my job and my passion. After reading your story i felt like moving with my passion . Thank you so much. You are doing a great job, keep doing ..

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