Celebrating 8th Year of Surprises

Nov 14th 2009, we decided to start doing surprises!
Our first order was placed by our friend Mukilan to surprise his fiancé’s uncle at Tirunelveli!
This was on Nov 24th, the order was placed in Bangalore, the product was delivered in Coimbatore that has to be carried to Tirunelveli!
The second order was placed was Sampath anna where we delivered a personalized magazine at Chennai!

The6.in name was decided at our home in Chennai within few days!
Our first logo was called as Lakey – Lavender Monkey, We have spent almost 15k for other logos & drew this as per our requirement!


After 6 months we got our first flash promo video & our website which no one can understand what we are doing!

We had our first office at Coimbatore near Siddhapudur Iyyapan Temple in 2011  ! IT was 10ftx10ft!
2012 we moved to a bigger experience center where we focused on Personalized gifts!


When we wanted to sell Surprises, there was no market for it! There was no keyword for it!
WE registered for midnight bouquet delivery & we pitch in for surprises! We are happy that we are one of the reason that the keyword “Surprise Planners” exists!
Many of our friends did midnight deliveries around the city & even our initial few customers helped us in our orders!
Word of Mouth is the only way of marketing for us!

We pivoted our business into many models & the one working is the 5th try after so many failures! Of all these years of Surprises & spreading happiness we had our constant urge of finding new ways to delight our customers!

Parents against us, the community against us to quit our job, we followed our heart!

From a 10×10 ft room to a failed experience centre in Coimbatore, from a virtual office to an office space in Bangalore, from a shared office to an office space in Chennai, our 7 years has been a roller coaster!
#Passion the one word which drive the entire business against all odds! We had many sleepless nights, Cash less days, Restless sleeps!
Many people told “Idhu yellam oru business ah” Few said “ U must be mad to quit your job” From all the negativity the6.in has grown as a brand that carries positivity!

We had our article published in Outlook Magazine, Economic Times, Times Of India, DC, The Hindu to few of the TV channels aswell!

We are now an Indian brand with followers across the world & we will soon become a global brand!

The only reason for our growth is the customers who encouraged us! Who accepted our mistakes, who became our well-wishers, called us for their marriages, informed us about the new born!

We are happy that we have inspired so many people as we get at-least a message everyday wishing our journey!

the6.in-Surprise Planners
We shall assure you that we will be thriving to keep customer centric focus & we shall be a brand that everyone loves!

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