How To Propose: 5 Creative ideas to propose

How to propose your beloved will be the most asked question among the youngsters. Proposing your beloved with a small surprise will add so much value. Life is all about surprises. think a life without any surprises. Boring isn’t it?   Just think you are gifting a chain to your beloved without so much of surprise. She will be happy but the question is whether she was excited while seeing your gift. It doesn’t matter whether the gift is small or big. Its all about how you are presenting it.

There is a difference between presenting a gift normally and doing the same with a sweet surprise. Presenting your gift with some surprise will not only make her excited but also that moment will be remembered by her forever. 

A small Surprise can make your beloved happy and excited so she will be able to remember the moment along with the gift forever. These small things add so much value to our life.

By these surprises, you can able to prove your beloved how much you love her and how much she is important to you. So if your planning to gift your beloved just do that with a surprise which will last in her memory forever.

There are quite a few moments which we will not forget easily, one such moment is proposing your beloved. Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you is the biggest decision that anybody will ever make. So Proposing your beloved is a big deal. When you are entering your next phase in life, you want to do it right without any flaws and you need to do something special for your love to remember forever. Be it, men or women, they need some courage to propose their beloved one. So make sure you propose them without blunders at any situation.

how to propose ideas to propose

So if you are planning to propose your beloved and doesn’t have any ideas about how to propose , here are some creative ideas to propose your beloved


 Thinking to surprise your beloved but haven’t planned any surprise yet? Here is the Flashmob surprise to you in which a group of dancers will perform to your favorite music for certain time and once the performance is completed you can propose your beloved by presenting the gift which you have bought.

Flashmob proposal how to propose surprise flash mob

Stages :

1. While planning the surprise one should mention the favorite songs of their beloved
2. They can fix the location and date according to their wish.
3. Dancers will be on the location one hour before.
4. You should intimate dancers when you are going to be in the location
5. Once you arrived Suddenly a person from the crowd will start to dance followed the second, third     and so on
6. Once the performance is completed our dancers will deliver a bouquet / personalized gift to your  beloved
7. After delivering the personalized gift it’s your time propose your beloved with your gift

How to surprise Flashmob surprise surprise planners

While some might consider flash mob proposals are attention-grabbing, it’s undeniable that they have become one of the most popular ways to propose your beloved. To book this surprise click Flashmob

Check the below video to know more about this surprise.


Still many of us are thinking that luxury cruises are a dream but we don’t know that we can experience the thrill of sailing at affordable cost with the help of yachts. If you are planning to propose your love in a unique way then this is the best ever surprise you could ever experience.

Sailing is the best way to explore the nature and enjoy the beauty of sea. What if it happens to go with your beloved ? What if you express your love in the mid of sea ! Exciting isn’t it ?

yacht ride surprise planners how to propose

Stages :

  1. While booking for this surprise you should fix the date appropriately and there shouldn’t be any changes in the date
  2. You are supposed to fix the timing and the maximum travel is up to 60 minutes
  3. Around 8 people can travel on the yacht during sailing
  4. You can plan for any internal decorations in the yacht if you need.
  5. Once you have arrived at the harbor the organizing team will help you to reach the yacht.
  6. During Sailing, in the middle of the sea, you can present your gift and propose her
  7. This proposal will be a truly a fairytale-like  proposal.
  8. There are quite a few moments which we will not forget easily, this will be one such moment.
yacht ride in chennai surprise

Proposing your beloved in the yacht will sound crazy but definitely, it will be the worthy one who is looking for an unforgettable experience in the mid of sea with their beloved. To book this once in a lifetime experience click Yacht Sail

Click the below video to know more about this surprise


Even though we are matured we love to prank others, at least on April 1! Am I right? This sounds crazy but really it will be fun. Just imagine you are proposing your beloved after a small prank. Seems interesting? Once your beloved got pranked by the team, then it’s your time to propose your love with a small gift. That will be the most memorable day of their life. There are some pranks which don’t work for proposal so do choose the prank accordingly


1. Customer need to fix the type of prank accordingly
2. Once the timing is confirmed customer needs to update the appropriate timing and location
3. On the prank day, a group of bikers will follow your car/bike
4. The bikers will create a small mess and you have to exchange some controversial words with the bikers
5. Once your beloved joined your argument, one of our bikers will burst the party popper, followed by the other one who will give a bouquet of roses to you
6. Now its time for you to propose your beloved by giving the roses to her.

prank in chennai surprise

This prank surprise will be loved by all and this will be the most craziest proposal ever. You don’t have to worry about the crowd gathering too, as the bikers will take care of it .To book this surprise visit

To know more about this surprise watch the below video


There are quite a few important moments in our life which will cherish in our memory forever. One of those moments is Expressing your love to your beloved. So you have to remember the moment forever. Imagine how it will be if your beloved opens a box and suddenly balloons flow up in the air. Once the balloons flew up it’s your time to gift your beloved and propose her. The steps of this surprise are as below

balloon in box surprise surprise


1.Customer need to fix the location according to their need

2. Customer should keep their personalized gift inside the box that consists of balloons

3. Once you and your beloved entered the location ask your beloved to open the box

4. She will be shocked by seeing the balloons flowing up in the air

5. Soon after that, u can propose your beloved with your personalized gift.

box of balloons surprise

This surprise will look cinematic but this wi be the best way to express your love with them.To book this suprise in online do click Box of Balloons


Planning to propose your love in a unique way? Have ever thought of proposing your beloved with her favorite songs? Does your beloved love to hear songs? If so then this will be the best way to propose her. Be it, men or women, there is no one who doesn’t like to hear the music. So expressing your love with music will be the best ever idea to impress them.

guitar surprise singing for birthday how to propose


1.While choosing this surprise one should mention the favorite songs of their beloved
2. They can fix the location and date according to their wish.
3. Customer should give a list of the favorite songs which their beloved likes
4. On the day of occasion, a guitarist and a singer will perform to their favorite songs.
5. Once the performance is completed it’s your time to propose your beloved with a personalized gift.

singing surprise guitarist surprise

Some may consider this as more cinematic but these type of proposals will stay in the memory forever. To book this surprise please do click Quickie

To know more about this surprise watch the below video

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