Love – Betrayed – Surprise

A surprise that brings smiles and excitement in not just one but many is indeed our motto. After all, at – our team measures success by the number of smiles first. Yet another day, and yet another phone call, this time from the US. We were excited when the person on the other end asked us to plan a surprise for the kids in an orphanage, “let’s talk about your love life,” we started our conversation. Little did we know the hurt and disappointment the guy carried.

We were in love, with love was a bit of fight, hurt, possessiveness et al. He said. A small misunderstanding drifted us apart, while I was stuck with her thoughts, she had already moved on with another person, though. He confessed. “And, are you planning a birthday surprise for the same girl now?” we were startled to know he is. Even after refusing the same for we at are concerned about planning a surprise to well-deserved, he impelled. Maybe, this is another chance for him to win her back or in the worst case, we were looking at the kind of cherishing memories we were likely to leave the orphanage children with. So we plunged.

We kick-started our plan with the team; almost for two full months we structured our surprise, and we picked her birthday month to surprise, four different orphanages – picking one every week. We had our crew surprising the kids with our hip-hop dance moves and they, in turn, surprised us, joining our team to dance merrily. They were smiling like there is no tomorrow, they enjoyed those moments to cherish it forever, they were not worried about anything – maybe, that’s something we should learn from them. Satisfied that are given a roof to live under, food to nourish their living, and education to provide them with the strength to look forward toward the sunshine.

They sang along with us, enthusiastically. They picked us as their brother/sister quickly, we felt like home with them. The complete heartfelt satisfaction that our dancers, guitarists, and singers felt has no compare.

We had them hold a big banner wishing the girl and compiled a crisp video. He received a blatant “Thanks,” from her and a “Stop trying to impress her, she is mine,” from her boyfriend.


Considering that his birthday was also in the same month, a few days ahead of hers. The team of is just convinced to think that our surprise is dedicated to him, though.

In the era of acid attacks, image morphing and scraping a girl’s life and social image for revenge. This guy’s ‘being in love’ and giving a huge surprise to the kids and her, and to stay resentful for the response moved us.

Our team wishes him the best of whatever is to come, and hoping to see him doing good in love with THE partner who will cherish this guy forever.

Friend’s birthday? Surprise planning? Ring us already!

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