A story of a little angel Mercy inspiring us!
Mercy is a Cancer Survivor, went to Hospice Madhavaram just to meet her! Should thank Arun Kumar, Thenmozhi Memorial Trust for referring her 🙂
Got a call from Mercy’s mom in a doubted voice asking what time we will come! We were late by 15min & Mercy forced her mom to check if we are coming 🙂
As usual took a wrong route & couldn’t reach the address, bcoz of that Mercy & her mom came to the main road!
Mercy took the back seat as Sharaan my son was sitting in the front! I asked her what shall we do! She said lets pray! I laughed & asked what do u want to pray!
Mercy said, lets pray that we should comeback home safely, God should help her to play effectively & she handed over a tablet to me saying that if she gets seizure, I should give her the tablet it seems!
Normally when we start, #Surpriseforacause, we don’t get into predefined emotions but this time it hit me hard about her health condition!
Travelled from Madhavuram to Abhirami mall to watch Angry Birds 3D movie, Sharaan joined her at the back seat & they sang songs, they played! When she was silent for few minutes I would ask something to check if she is ok!
In middle of the movie, she removed the glasses & said its not 3d, I asked her if she is ok, she said she is, I pulled her to sit on my lap & she rested! During the interval she said that she can’t see much thru her left eye 🙂
From Abhirami mall we took her to Forum mall, had lunch in KFC! After tasting within few minutes she said she didn’t like the food! From there went on to Funcity played almost all the games for an hour! She hit the bumper ticket of 100 and she was little happy! When we left fun city she said that she didn’t liked this either! While driving back I was so upset that we couldn’t make the wow moment yet.
We reached Anna nagar tower park at around 4.30pm! She played in swing & other games & she said when she is here she forgets herself completely!
Took her to the atrium where kids skate, played a Vijay song which she loves the most, did a flash mob delivered whatever she loved! Her face was lit with smile & staring at me occasionally 🙂
When driving back she said sorry if she has troubled me, advised Sharaan, she ran into her home with a smile that can never be forgotten 🙂

When driving back to home, was feeling very intense emotional! She didn’t liked 3d movie neither did playing in funcity was interesting, what she liked was just to play in the park which reminded luxury doesn’t matter for one’s happiness
A kid who undergone 2 open skull surgery, one of her eye has got problem, her left hand & left leg doesn’t support her many a times & she may get seizure occasionally, she staying in a home bcoz her mother couldn’t manage with her earnings & she, inspiring us, motivating us, giving all the energy just with her smile, what are we worried for?
Normally spreads happiness, this time the angel Mercy spread happiness to us & she keeps spreading happiness to the entire universe 🙂
Thanks for the love Bhahirathi Venugopalan for making this happen 🙂
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