Romantic Yacht Sail
Romantic Yacht Sail

Surprise your beloved in Midsea! 

Celebrate your special day in a luxury yacht!

U blind fold ur beloved take him/her inside the harbour to witness the magic! 

Deliverables Baveria 44 Luxury Yacht with Cabin Space
Duration 60 min

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Delivery time : 2 days
Product Code: 115
Location : Chennai
Reward Points: 55
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Ex Tax: ₹18,500.00

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  • The people sailing on the Yacht should carry ID Proof
  • No Cameras allowed!
  • Alcohols not allowed!.
  • The Sail time is fixed & should reach 15min before the defined time!
  • Change of date & time is possible 2 days before the boardign date!
  • Late arrivals can sail only for the stipulated time as the Yacht may have been booked for further sails! 
  • The Sail may get cancelled in case of bad weather
  • The Yacht timing will be confirmed based on the availability

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